Sunday, May 9, 2010

He Ain't an Athlete, He's an Analyst, Lady

John Martin Kruk.  There is so much to say about John, when he was first drafted he went from West Virginia to Walla Walla, Washington  where his roommate was Tony Gwynn.  Tony took off and John joined him several years later in San Diego.  I got to see John play in 1984 and 1985 when the Stars came to Portland to play.  One of my favorite cards of John is a sample card of him with his head on his mitt and his cap pulled over his eyes like he is taking a nap.  I remember when he came back from testicular cancer and surgery, he wore a tshirt that said "Be nice to me or I will take my ball and go home."  He is thought to be the only player to retire in mid game.  He managed in the Phillies organization for one year at Reading in 2000.  He has appeared in three movies, once as a player, once as a scout and once as an announcer.  Amazingly I have seen all three movies.  John currently works as an analyst for MLB network.  He has one of the most legible signatures that I have ever seen.  This is one of several John Kruk signed cards that I have, I have a couple of minor league ones and a couple of different photos.  I got this signed through the mail, what seems a million years ago. 

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