Saturday, May 1, 2010

National Chicle 3 pack break and Contest Link

I bought five packs of National Chicle at the LCS, after opening 3 packs I won't be buying anymore.   I put two packs away for birthday and Christmas.  The art in these is so uneven that it is ridiculous, I got cards that are really cool and some that are plain ugly and some that make you go Hmmm.   In pack one Bob Gibson is awesome, Eddie Matthews is ugly, and Jason Bay is fugly.  In pack two Dale Murphy is ok, Adrian Gonzalez looks like he came from the same league as Ichiro and why is there so much open space behind Chase Utley.  In pack the Jackie Robinson is a really nice card and most of the other cards are ugly.  Overall I don't think this set will be one that people will remember nostalgically in the future.

If you can spell you can win over at BA Baseball Card Buffet.  He has a bunch of letterman cards and is having a spelling bee with them to win some cool prizes.  The more people that enter the more prizes will be awarded.  Go now and remember that their is an

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madding said...

Justin Upton looks like an alien. There are so many things wrong with this set that I don't even know where to begin...