Friday, May 21, 2010

Trades with Benny and Chris

First up is actually not  a trade but winnings from BA Bennys' Buffet spelling contest.  I asked for the Logan Forsythe F, some Padres, and Mariners and Pirates for my friends, Marv and Tom. And Benny came through big time, and it was a fun contest spelling with his patch cards. 

I sent reader Chris a Tyler Colvin on patch autograph and he sent some cool stuff back.  I like the Tony Gwynn card cause it reminds me that I now have autographs of all three Gwynns who played for the Padres.  I wish I could find some way to get Chip Ambres to sign this card and all the other guys I still need.  The Mark Davis was a insert in Bowman years ago and their was a contest on the back to win prints of the card.  Somewhere amongst all my stuff is a print of this card that I got in an auction last year.  I have never seen these two Greene cards before, hope Khalil can make it back.  I know Chris Young is tall but it never really struck til I saw him next to Trevor Hoffman, Trevor is 6'4", Young is really tall.  Matt Antonelli has a really great blog and especially if you are into mini basketball.  The Dave Roberts card comes from one of my favorite sets, Topps Total, I wish they would bring this set  back.  I hate cards with players in one uniform and another teams logo on it. 

Thanks Chris and Mike. 

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