Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vincente and Mark

 Vincente (Diaz) Palacios had a 8 year major league career which ran from 1987-2000.  He played with the Pirates for 5 years, St. Louis for 2 and the Padres for 1.  He seems to have pitched a variety of roles for all the teams he played for.  I got this Keebler card signed through the mail.  Mark Alan Parent is a native Oregonian, and a extremely nice guy.  I remember talking to him multiple times when the Stars would come to Portland.  He had a much longer major league career than I realized, 13 years.  He played with the Padres 5 years, then with Baltimore, the Cubs, Pirates, Phillies, Rangers and Tigers.  He managed the Phillies minor league team the Lakewood Blue Claws to a league championship and is currently a batting coach in the Arizona Fall League.  I got this card signed through the mail, but I have other cards and pictures that I got signed in person.  Maybe I get my Bip Roberts collection done I will collect Mark Parent.

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Johngy said...

Mark Parent is a solid candidate for the Backup Catcher Hall of Fame.