Saturday, October 30, 2010

Brad and Mike

Bradley Alan Pounders was one of the harder Padrographs that I have gotten.  Since he never played in the majors, it was difficult to find an address.  I finally discovered one on and sent this to Brad and got it back quickly.  He played from 1984-1988 in the Padres organization.  I remember watching him play with Las Vegas against the Beavers.   Michael Timothy Pagliarulo is best known as a member of the Yankees, he played in New York for 5 years, before being traded to the Padres.  He played in San Diego for 2 years in '89 and '90 before signing with the Twins as a free agent.  He also played for the Lions, Rangers and Orioles and now runs the website .  I got this signed through the mail after several tries.

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