Tuesday, March 30, 2010

TTM sucess and a surprise

In just 10 days Drew Macias returned the Padres team card above and the individual card below.  I had watched him come up through the Padres system and was disappointed when he ended up with the D'backs.  This was the first year that I can remember him having a major league card.  I would have like the card above more if Topps had said who everyone on it was.  Or if an 8x10 version was available.
Today when I got home from work I had an envelope with my handwriting on it and a package from GCRL.  The card below was in the envelope. GCRL had sent me an autographed copy of Steve Garveys autobiography, along with a bunch of Padres cards including several copies of a Bip Roberts card I needed for my PC.  Thanks, Jim, I have some GCRL and OPC stuff accumalating for you.

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gcrl said...

wow that got there fast! glad they arrived safely!