Thursday, March 4, 2010

First 2010 TTM Success

Ten days ago I sent out nine cards to various persons to be signed, some of them were licensed Topps cards, some were unlicensed Upper Deck cards and two of them were unlicensed Padrograph cards.  Since the cards were unlicensed I did not use the Padres name, simply putting the city of the cards.  Tuesday in the mail was an envelope with my name and address in my handwriting.  Enclosed inside was this 2010 Padrograph card which had been signed by the Padres new general manager, Jed Hoyer.  He was thoughtful enough to wrap the card in a 4x6 index card to give the envelope some stability.  I am looking forward to seeing what he can do with this team, it will take a year before it can truly be considered his team, he is still working with many of the pieces that longtime General Manager Kevin Towers had assembled.  I hope that Jed can take the Padres to the Series as his mentor Theo Epstein took the Red Sox to the Series.  Thank you Mr. Hoyer


Sooz said...

that's pretty awesome. I like the card you made and love that he took the time out to send it back.

Very cool.

I liked Kouz better with the Padres, by the way.

Padretonian said...

Nice! I hadn't thought of sending one to him. I was lucky enough to get Kyle Blanks back already, but am waiting for the other 10 I sent to Padres camp. Got my fingers crossed that Eckstein will actually respond this year.