Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Javier Peterson Cardona

I found a few players that I had left out in my scanning and editing, so the next few days will be out of order and then we will return to our regularly scheduled programming. By the way I ordered spring for Portland, but I think it must have gotten delayed in shipping, cause winter is still here. Enough already, at least baseball starts in four days.

Javier Cardona was drafted by the Tigers in the 19th round of the 1993 draft but did not sign. The Tigers tried again in 1994 taking him in the 23rd round. He made his major league debut on April 3, 2000 against the Rangers. He played part two seasons with the Tigers before being traded to the Padres with Rich Gomez for Damian Jackson and Mat Walbeck. He split time between the Portland Beavers and the Padres in 2002, playing in 15 games for San Diego. He played his final major league game April 14, 2002, but stuck around the game for three more seasons. In March of 2003 he signed as a free agent with the Cubs, in April of 2004 he signed with the Mets, in February of 2005 the Rockies signed him as a free agent. In April he was sent to the Cardinals as part of a conditional deal, in June the Cardinals sent him to the Indians as part of a conditional deal for John Rodriguez. In March of 2006 he signed as a free agent with the Red Sox, but I can't find any information that he played in their organization at all. I believe that I got the card off of ebay.

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