Friday, April 24, 2009

Cardboard Appreciation, Part 2

Here is a card that GCRL, Cards on Cards and I can all appreciate. It features a play at second, a Cardinals legend and Hall of Famer and a Padres legend and Hall of Famer. This is back when I could afford to buy a pack of Stadium Club baseball. This card has it all, two guys who started in the Padres organization and ended up in the Hall of Fame. Plus it looks like Tony is going to be safe, if you look by his back elbow you can see the ball on the way to the Wizard. This is why I like baseball cards they capture so many different things, including one of his 319 stolen bases, which makes him 125th on the all time list, right between Steve Finley and Larry Bowa.


gcrl said...

and i do appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome card. Took a quick look through all my Gwynn cards and I didn't see any that showed him stealing a base. Great photo.