Saturday, April 4, 2009

TTM Success and My New Project

I spent the morning running errands and buying cards at Heaven Spent Sports Cards in Tualatin. I picked up a bunch of 70's Padres for my newest project. I am trying to assemble cards of the Opening Day Starting Lineups from 1969-2008. My parameters the cards should be horizontal, single player cards from the year in question, they should be Padres cards but up until 1981 I am not sure that will always be possible. I think some of the players may not even have cards in the 70's for the year. I know I won't have a 1973 card of Dave Hilton, unless I make one, cause he is between a couple of better known third baseman on the '73 card, guys named Cey and Schmidt. I will be posting my want list soon for this project. I have several of the late '80's team already done.

When I got home from shopping and doing other errands, including picked up a Garvey piece I had framed and matted, I got the mail. There was a card of coaches signed by Sonny Siebert. I had sent it to him several years ago and he sent it back with a note saying that he required a $7 donation, part of which went to charity. I kept meaning to send it back with the $7 dollars, and finally did last month. I already have everyone else signed on other cards. I sent the Kingman card off before I found out that he charges five dollars, so hopefully he will send it back with a note and I will send it out again.

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PunkRockPaint said...

I will gladly help make any cards you may need.