Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cardboard Appreciation, Part 1

I will admit that I freely stole this idea from Night Owl. This will be a semi regular feature on Padrographs from now on. I am trying to expand beyond just autographed Padres cards, so I will feature some other things every so often.

I bought a box of 1986 Topps off of ebay not too long ago and am working on building the set. The first time I had ever bought a box of cards was back in 1986, from Portland Sports Cards and built the set, after buying another box from Baseball Cards and More. I still have that '86 set, in a box with a note on it that I wrote to my son who was born July 9, 1986. I talked about the set, the times and how I felt about him coming into my life.

As I was opening this box I came across the Tony Perez card. This card moves me for a couple of reasons. One; it shows the torch being passed from one generation of player to the next, 1986 was Tony Perez' last season in the majors and it was the first full season in the majors for Eric Davis. Two; this was the year I first became a father and if you don't think changes things, you haven't become one. This is one of my all time favorite cards and I am starting a new notebook page for my cardboard appreciation cards.

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night owl said...

I'll let you do Cardboard Appreciation if you let the Dodgers sweep this series ;)

Hey, I wish every card blog had a Cardboard Appreciation post. Nice memory!