Friday, April 10, 2009

Joseph Christopher Carter

Ah, the joys of organizing your collection. One day a couple of years ago I decided to organize my colloection of autographed photos. As I was sorting through the photos I found a Joe Carter autographed photo, which looks a lot like this pose, signed "To Rod, Happy 33rd Birthday, Joe Carter."Pretty cool a player from my favorite team wishing me Happy Birthday. As I continued organizing I found another picture of Joe in the same pose, that I got signed at a card show. It was signed "To Rod, Happy 36th Birthday, Joe Carter." So I have two identical pictures signed with essentially the same inscription signed 3 years apart.

Joe Carter is in the Hall of Fame, actually he is in four Hall of Fames, the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, Wichita State University Hall of Fame, the Missouri Valley Hall of Fame and the Kansas Hall of Fame. For some reason I thought that Joe had spent a couple of years with the Padres but looking at Baseball-Reference he was only with the Padres for 1 year. He played in all 162 games for the 1990 season and hit 24 homeruns. He is best known for his years with Cleveland and Toronto (some home run thing), but he also played for the Cubs, Padres, Orioles and Giants. He played from 1983 to 1998, he played in 5 All Star games and won two Silver Slugger Awards. I think that I got this signed at the same card show that I got the second photo signed at.


zman40 said...

Go Shockers!!

Goose Joak said...

Cool story. I was just commenting on another blog, personalized autos are my favorites. The pictures would be no exception.