Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cards for You

I have more cards than I want. I've found many people to give them to, but there are still a few teams that have no homes. Please write me at if you want some of the following teams, Nationals(with or without Expos); Twins; Rockies; Blue Jays and Rays. All I am looking for in return are San Diego Padres. Thank you for your time.


madding said...

I'm going to get together a Padres pack for you soon. I'm going to make a post office trip sometime before the end of the week.

Dubbs said...

While growing up in Wisconsin until I left for College, I did actually attend a Catholic high school over in St. Paul, MN, and played basketball against a certain catcher for the Twins, Mr. Joe Mauer -he attended another Catholic school, Cretin-Derham Hall, also in St. Paul. If you happen across any Mauer cards, set them aside for me. Your Friars cards are still being assembled.