Thursday, November 7, 2019

My Music Stars #4

I saw Boston in Oakland at the Arena in 1977.  A band called Nantucket opened for them. I assumed it was another band from Massachusetts, but in doing research for this post it turns out they are from North Carolina.  The only thing I remember about them or their set was the lead singer jumping off the stage and playing harmonica while running around the concert floor.  Boston was probably at the height of their popularity.  They had to assemble a band after getting signed to Epic on the strength of a demo. The demos were Brad Delp singing over tracks that Tom Scholz had dubbed over the last six years while studying at MIT.  There are two memories of the show, beside the great music.  I remember a pipe organ seeming to rise out of the stage and Brad Delp almost getting pulled off the stage.  He laid down to shake hands across the barrier in front of the stage and someone pulled on him.  I don't think he did that again.
My son and two of his friends went and saw Boston sometime in the 90's.   


Fuji said...

When I think of 70's rock, Boston is one of the first bands that pop into my head. I didn't realize just creative Scholz was until my brother told me about him a few years ago.

Jon said...

I'm not much of Boston fan, as such I wasn't familiar with their beginnings, kind of interesting though.