Thursday, April 18, 2019

Frankenset pages 1-4 UPDATED


There has been some bumping and some additions to the first four pages.  I actually completed the first page, by adding card #7 former Padre pitcher Ian Kennedy.  At #5 Jack Cust got bumped for several reasons, one; I prefer vertical cards, two; former Seahawk receiver and former US Senator and football HOFer Steve Largent will always prevail.  Former Padre Jesse Garcia at #14 was replaced by former minor league player, manager and now scout for the Pirates, Mike Basso.  At number #33 we have Tony Tchani, whom I know nothing about, but I needed a card for that spot.  Jerry Lawler at #36 was replaced by Beau Vaughn of the Portland Sea Dogs, because I love that card. 

The Frankenset page has been updated. 

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