Monday, April 15, 2019

Frankenset page #65

This is the last page of the Frankenset and the reason the set is 585 cards.  There will not be any cards in the last four rows. The four pages before this have no cards in them.  
#582; Tim Flannery, 1988 Fleer #582.  Tim is two weeks younger than I am and years ago I sent him a mix-tape of surf tunes and he gave me a copy of his second CD.  We have met a couple of times and I once helped him inspire the minor league team he was managing at the time to a win.  He recently signed this for me.  You can catch him on the MLB network occasionally, check out his music at and check out his charity work at the Love Harder Project.

Now I can go and start putting in other cards that I have picked up.  Some cards will have to battle for their place in the set.  

The Frankenset page has been updated.  

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Fuji said...

Awesome card! Gotta imagine that's one of your favorite signatures in your collection.