Thursday, April 11, 2019

Frankenset Pages 37-40

As you can see there are several pages with next to no cards on them.  I hope to pick up some cards this weekend at the Mall 205 card show. 
#350; Bruce Bochy, born in France and wearer of the largest hat in the major leagues.  In 1988 when he was a player-coach with the Las Vegas Stars a friend and I mocked Bruce by chanting, Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Bruce Bochy, Hall of Fame.  Little did we know we were making a prediction that I think may come true.  I think Bruce will make the Hall of Fame as a manager.  

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Fuji said...

Can't stand the Giants... but I've enjoyed listening to him on local sports talk radio. The guy is always so chill. I agree. I think he gets into Cooperstown as well.