Thursday, April 4, 2019

frankenset pages 17-20

#145; Greg Grunberg, dude has been in more shows than I can count and I like him
#149; Billy Crain, Billy is an awesome guitar player who has played with everybody who is anyone in Southern Rock.  I really like his sound.  He is also the father-in-law of my niece
#156; Tony Gwynn, Jr.  The son of a legend and a good player in his own right.  
#163; Dan Majerle, it was included with some other cards I bought as were
#168, Juan Bonilla and 
#177, Marvin McNutt

As we go further in there are fewer cards that are several pages with zero or 1 cards.

The Frankenset Tab has been updated.

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Fuji said...

Cool Majerle. Loved watching him play in the 90's.