Sunday, June 21, 2015

Padres #887-#890

Padrographs #887, Gabriel Quintana.  I sent about 20 cards to Gabriel and asked him to sign one and keep the other 19.  He kept one and sent the other nineteen back to me.
Padrographs #888, Kyle Lloyd.  I sent him 20 cards and asked him to sign one and keep the others.  He signed the one and kept the rest.
Padrographs #889, Don Mason.  I was doing some research about Padres signatures that I still need and found that I needed this Don Mason from 1972.  I ordered it from an autograph dealer.
Padrographs #890, Mike Dupree.  I found that I also needed Mike Dupree, so I ordered it also.

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Marcus said...

19 copies of Gabriel Quintana autos? That's kinda funny. I caught a Lake Elsinore Storm game last summer and picked up an autographed bat (cracked handle) of his from the team store. Been following his career since, here's hoping he gets a chance to play in San Diego.