Monday, June 15, 2015

Return and Padrographs #871-874

I have been continuing reading you all and keeping up.  I have been really busy at work getting ready for a two week shutdown that starts today.  That means two weeks of vacation for me.  I have also picked up a second job and that is keeping me busy.  Please I have book reviews over at and kids and grandkid.  Plus my wife loves Craigslist and is always finding things for me to go pick up.  I have been writing to Padres and getting things back in the mail.
Padrograph #871, Steve Chavez.  Drafted in the 50th round of the 1994 draft, played 3 years with the Padres and 3 years Independent.  Purchased from an autograph dealer.
Padrograph #872, Seth Smith. Played in 136 games in 2014 before being traded to Seattle.  Received through return mail after long wait.
Padrograph #873, Tayron Guerrero.  In the Padres system since 2010.  Currently at San Antonio.  received through return mail in one week.
Padrograph #874, Leonel Campos.  Currently playing in El Paso.  In Padres system since 2010 received through return mail in one week.

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