Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sarge, Jr. and Mike

Gary Nathaniel Matthews, Jr.  was drafted by the Padres in 1993 and made his major league debut in 23 games in 1999 with the Padres.  He then played with the Cubs, Pirates, Orioles and Mets before returning to the Padres in 2003 for 103 games.  He played with the Angels and Rangers and played 36 games with the Mets this year before being granted free agency.  I got this card off of ebay.  Michael Scott Matthews played for 5 seasons in the majors, 1 with the Padres in 2003, he also played with the Cardinals, Mets, Reds and Brewers.  I got this card signed through the mail.

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Orioles Magic said...

I had no idea that Gary played for the Padres once, let alone twice.