Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mauser May

Timothy Edward Mauser was one of the more difficult TTM signatures to get.  I sent cards to him at several different addresses.  I finally got a good address from one of Harveys' address list.  Mauser pitched for the Phillies and Padres in his four year career.  Darrell Kevin May signed the card from one of my favorite sets, Topps Total.  Total and Upper Deck 40 Man were great sets for those of us who collect autographs.  Darrell played for the Braves, Royals, Angels, Yankees Pirates and Padres.  I got this signed through the mail.


zman40 said...

May was even the Royals pitcher of the year one year.

Orioles Magic said...

Total and 40 man were awesome sets for us autograph collectors.