Friday, August 20, 2010

Hey, I am back

I have been busy with stuff around the house and work and all kinds of stuff.  I have been slightly burnt out on cards cause there has been anything new since A&G.  I have been working on my Bip Roberts cards and will be scanning them for a new page on the blog.  I have been blown away by the awesome customs that some of you guys are doing.  Most of the customs that I have seen are nicer and more appealing by leaps and bounds over what the card companies are doing.  I would rather cards with some originality than the same cards year after year.  But if you can make such nice cards as a side endeavor to what you are doing for a job, why can't the guys that are getting paid to design cards so stuff as nice.

Why is that Topps is taking so long between products?  They are the only game in town when it comes to baseball.  I guess they figure that people will buy their stuff since they are the only game in town, and don't seem to care about customer service.  I have given up on visiting their website, the last item listed for baseball is Topps series one and the site says there are no forthcoming products. 

Thank you listening to my rant.  We will return shortly with more Padrographs.  And don't ask me about Merritt Paulson, The Timbers and the Beavers or it will be a page long rant.


Dinged Corners said...

Clearly, we need to ask about Merrit Paulson, The Timbers, and The Beavers.
Dinged Corners

Goose Joak said...

Are there customs out there that I'm missing? Drop me a line if you know of some good ones that may have slipped my radar.