Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bruce, Dave and Dennis Kinney

Bruce Edward Kimm played for 4 years in the major leagues, he was the personal catcher for Mark Fidyrich for 2 years. He also played a year for each of Chicagos' teams.  He has managed and coached all over the majors and minors in several organizations. Mr. Kimm signed this Mothers Cookies card through the mail.  I have all the other coaches on other cards.  David Arthur Kingman fits in two parts of my collection, he is from Oregon, having been born in Pendelton and having played for the Padres.  He only played in 56 games for the Padres in 1977, out of a total of 1,941 games in a 16 season career.  In 1977 he played for the Mets, Padres, Angels and Yankees, making him the only player to play in all four divisions in one season, he also hit 26 home runs that season making him the only player to hit home runs in every division in one season. The card is one that I made and sent to Mr. Kingman, I sent him two and asked him to sign one and keep the other.  He signed and sent it back very quickly.  Dennis Paul Kinney played for 4 major league teams but only one complete season, he played in 50 games in 1980 for the Padres.  He played in the Indians organization before San Diego, then Detroit and Oakland afterwards.  I believe that I bought the card off of ebay.

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