Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gifts from my Wife

Just because she likes me my wife stopped on the way home and bought me 10 packs of the Topps Pro Debut baseball.  She did alright picking out the packs, I came up with a whole bunch of All-Star cards, two blue cards numbered to 259, my first two Padre farmhands, an autographed card numbered to 199, it is a sticker auto inset into the card.  Also in the bottom left hand corner is a West Michigan Whitecap card that I found interesting .  Pitcher Erik Crichton appears to be wearing a jersey with jigsaw pieces on it.
All the cards are available for trade except for the Padres.


gcrl said...

Any dodgers?

zman40 said...

That Mike Montgomery auto is pretty good. He is probably the best pitching prospect that the Royals have. I was pretty happy to get a couple of his cards signed at Fanfest this year.

night owl said...

Ten packs!!! Wow, good for her.

Kevin said...

I have a blog called Ultimate Set, which can be found at

My blog takes the Topps set for any year and adds the players from any other set that isn't in the Topps set to build the ultimate set.

I did an entry on the 1981 Padres and added a link to this blog. If you know of any regional sets featuring Padres that would help me fill in some of the blanks, please let me know.