Sunday, November 1, 2009

Contest Winners

My favorite Padres player of all time is Tim Flannery.  Tim is much younger than I am, 16 days to be exact.  Way back in the day for his birthday I sent him a mix tape of surf songs and he responded, one year I got him a book on surfing and one year he got me a CD that he had made, his second out of nine.  I have all but the first one and the new one, which I will order when I get done with this post.  Tim played 11 major league seasons with the Padres after he was drafted in 1978.  He hit 9 home runs, drove in 209 runs, walked 277 times and struck out 293 times, he had a .977 fielding percentage.  He originally wore 6 with the Padres, but in 1983 when the Garv came from LA, Tim switched to 11.  He wore 11 while he played, managed and coached in the Padres organization.  When he began coaching third for Bruce Bochy in San Francisco he started wearing 6 again, which he has worn for all but one day.  JT Snow appeared in one game in 2008 and wore 6 so Tim wore 60 that day.
The picture above was taken at Eugenes' Civic Stadium after a game between the Eugene Emeralds, a KC affiliate, and the Spokane Indians, a SD farm club, that Tim was managing.  Prior to the game Tim asked me for matches and I went and found some, he then lit and threw into the Spokane dugout a smoke bomb and then proceeded to go off on the Indians players for goofing off and throwing smoke bombs when they should be concentrating on getting ready for the game.  The Indians won the game. 

Here is the card of Tim that I have in my collection.  He told me that when he held the board none of the logos were on it and were added later by the photographer, whose brother or brother-in-laws name is on the board. I got this signed through the mail, I only have one item that Tim signed in person.
This morning I wrote all the names of the entrants on pieces of paper and placed them in a Padres hat.  There were 4 entrants 3 of whom had multiple entries.  My lovely wife Bunny then drew them out of the hat, and here are the winners in order.
1st Place; Zach-Autographed Cards
3rd Place-Travis-Punk Rock Paint
4th Place-Brian-Play at the Plate
 Send me your prize choice at, Zach, you just need to tell me which one you want.  Tim, Travis and Brian send me a list of the prizes in the order you would like them and I will give you your highest choice possible of the remaining prizes. 


Goose Joak said...

What an awesome story. The guy sounds AMAZING. So cool when your favorite player actually turns out to be a neat dude.

zman40 said...

Rod- Thanks for hosting an awesome contest! I remembered your earlier post about Tim but I didn't remember who it was about. Luckily, I remembered the surfboard card and did a quick google search for it to get the answer.

Thanks again. I would have been happy with any of the prizes.