Sunday, November 22, 2009

Freisleben to Furmaniak, the end of the letter F

David James Freisleben was drafted by the Padres in the 5th round of the 1971 draft.  He made his major league debut in 1974 and pitched 3.5 seasons before being traded to the Indians. He pitched half a season for the Indians and a season for the Jays.  This card is from the 1975 SSPC set, I think this ranks as one of my favorite sets.  I got this card signed through the mail a few years ago.

Ernesto (Guiterrez) Frieri was signed as an amateur free agent by the Padres in 2001.  He made his major league debut this year, skipping AAA. He was the Texas League Pitcher of the week one this year and made the Texas League All Star Game.  I got this signed through the mail last year.

Rigberto (Peat) Fuentes was signed by the Giants as a amateur free agent in 1962. He was one of the last players signed out of Cuba before the U.S. put it's trade embargo into effect with Cuba.  He played many years before being traded to the Padres for Derrel Thomas.  He played two seasons for the Padres and finished out his career with the Tigers and Oakland.  I got this signed through the mail in 2008, I sent it to Tito and he sent it back request a cash payment.  I think it was $10, so I sent it back with the $10.  I got it and a signed 1978 Topps card and a letter from Tito.  He said that I was  the only fan who had sent a card back with the $10 that he knew I really wanted his signature and enclosed the 78 card as a thank you.  That card went to a good friend who is a Tigers fan.

Jason Joseph Furmaniak was drafted in 2001.  He never made it to the majors with the Padres, but did with the Pirates and A's.  He even played in Japan for a season and then spent 2009 in the Phillies organization.  He was a big fan favorite when he played for the Beavers.  I never noticed before but the two guys in the dugout are sporting Cincy and LA uniforms.  I got this signed through the mail while JJ was in Portland.

That wraps up the letter F.  Now I need to scan the G's. Hopefully by the time I get to the end of the Gs' I will have signed cards from three members of the Gwynn family, right now I have two out of 3.


night owl said...

Maybe you know how Freisleben pronounces his last name? It's been on my mind

Rod said...

not a clue