Saturday, November 7, 2009

I 've been tricked and treated!

I recently got a package from the midwest and when I opened it this is what fell out. I knew what that meant, I was getting a Kenny Lofton Studio card amongst other things.  Here is what I found when I pulled the sleeve out of the package.

Kenny Lofton looking around a Cardinals and Padres sticker.  For all the clubs Kenny has played for over the years the Padres where not one of them.  So I emptied out the sleeve and this is what I found in the sleeve.

9 Checklist.  To quote the great Stan Lee 'Nuff Said
The same day I got a package from Night Owl, and there were no checklist included.  He sent me some stuff that I had never seen before.

Rickey Henderson having fun is always appreciated especially in a Padres uniform, Andy Ashby seems to be throwing a pitch while skydiving, I think this might actually be a physical impossibility.  The Adrian Gonzalez (soon to a Red Sox, I think) is an OPC box bottom.  The Padres are going to have no Gonzalez brothers on the team next year, Edgar has filed for free agency and Adrian is not featured on any of the promotional stuff for next year including the website.  Maybe the club will overachieve next year with out Giles or either Gonzalez.  The Ryan Klesko is a Gold Reserve card, which I have never seen before, I don't know if that was the name of the issue or it is some kind of parallel set.  Mat Latos is from the decidedly underwhelming Ticket to Stardom set.  And featured finally is the 1984 Donruss Luis Deleon, all 1984 Donruss cards are greatly appreciated, one of the truly great sets of the 1980's.  This is just a small sample of the goodies Greg sent.  I still have a couple of trades from a couple of Orioles fans.  


SpastikMooss said...

That Ashby is sweeeet. Love the Universe cards.

night owl said...

The cards look better here than they did when I had them. You describe them better.

You were right twice on the Klesko. Gold Reserve is the name of the set, and that particular card is a parallel, as it has "gold reserve" scripted on the front, and a gold back instead of blue.

night owl said...

I didn't quite get the description right on "Gold Reserve." Near as I can tell, it was a parallel set to the base Upper Deck set that year. The Gold Reserve cards had gold backs, the Upper Deck base had blue backs.

Word verification: "deckies." Upper Deck apologists?

zman40 said...

Happy Veterans Day, Rod! Thank you for your service!