Thursday, January 1, 2009

Want List-Updated 7/27/09

1986 Topps Baseball-I found a full set that I built in 1986, so I am abandoning this set. I have lots of singles to trade if you need them.

WWE Heritage IV
55 Zach Ryder
Heritage IV Magnets
Heritage II Turkey Red Inserts

2008 Upper Deck Mockumentary San Diego Padres
by Game Number

Padres Opening Day Starting Lineup
1969; Bill Davis, Rafael Robles
1970; Tommy Dean, Van Kelly, Jerry Morales, Dave Campbell,
1971; Chris Cannizzaro
1972; Derrel Thomas, Larry Stahl, Jerry Morales
1973; Johnny Grubb, Dave Hilton, Bob Davis
1974; Dave Hilton
1975; Enzo Hernandez, Randy Jones, Randy Hundley
1977; Gene Richards, Mike Champion, Bill Almon
1978;Dave Winfield, Gaylord Perry
1979; Ozzie Smith, Mike Hargrove, Barry Evans,
1980; Ozzie Smith, Dave Winfield,
1981; Ozzie Smith,Randy Bass, Juan Bonilla
1985; Jerry Royster
1986; Jerry Royster
1997; John Flaherty, Chris Gomez
1998; Quilvio Veras, Chris Gomez
1999; Greg Myers, George Arias
2000; Damian Jackson, Carlos Hernandez, Sterling Hitchcock
2001; Wiki Gonzalez, Woody Williams
2002; Bubba Trammell, Devi Cruz, Ramon Vasquez,
2003; Mark Loretta,Ramon Vasquez
2008; Paul McAnulty
2009; Henry Blanco


Collective Troll said...

hey, i have a bunch of the 1986 Topps cards that you need, plus i have a stack of Padres cards...get in touch, lets trade!

Give that fan a contract! said...

Hi. I may have a few of the 1970s Padres cards on your list. I'm looking in particular for Topps Red Sox cards through the years.

Anonymous said...

I have a bunch of Padres card from the late 90s-present (about 300-400) and wanted to know if you'd be interested in a trade. Check out my blog to see what I collect:

or send me an email at Cubsareawesome5 @