Thursday, January 1, 2009

1986 Topps Box

I just finished opening and sorting a box of 1986 Topps Baseball. I got 540 cards of which only 14 were duplicates, the best dupe was Tom Seaver, not a single Padres duplicate. I got two #57 cards Bill Doran and Bobby Wine and if I remember correctly that there is another two cards with the same number, but I can't remember what number it is. One of my all time favorite cards is in this set. It is the Tony Perez card, it shows the end of one era of baseball and the beginning of another. I have already gotten a few cards I need from Night Owl. Hopefully I can trade for some more.


night owl said...

The other two cards with the same number are managers Chuck Cottier and Bob Rodgers, which both feature No. 141 (No. 171 doesn't exist, altho it was supposed to be Rodgers' number). No. 51 also doesn't exist as it was supposed to be Bobby Wine's No.

From your want list I can also send you Nos. 4, 60, 89, 100, 127, 203, 352, 392, 435, 471, 599

(I don't have access to my email right now, but I will tomorrow evening)

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I can send you 42,59,122,282,290,453,701,718,779
shoot me your address