Monday, January 19, 2009

Blog Bat Around 3-What would I like

All of the opinions expressed here are due to the type of collector that I am. My primary focus is to get signed cards of as many players pictured in Padres uniforms so I would like to see as different players pictured as Padres. This is one reason that I was initially excited to hear about Upper Deck Documentary because with 163 cards in the set it would be possible to see all or most of the rookies who debuted with the Padres in 2008. I have renamed the product Mockumentary since it features the same few players over and over and over and over. Sets I liked were Masterpieces and A&G, for their flat finish and the cool pictures, one of my signed cards from 2008 is a Chris Young A&G card that Bailey at the Nennth Inning got signed for me. I like A&G because of the simplicity of the card and the large amount of white space. The masterpieces often are simple and cool looking cards. Especially the Sandy Koufax.

I am not a big fan of the high end stuff, just because it is out of my price range and usually the cards in it don't justify the price of the pack.

Many of the cards are way too glossy for anyone to sign on, so I would like to see a base set that is a matte finish or flat finish so that players would be able to sign on the card.

What I would like to see more players featured in fewer sets. I would like to see Chrome sets folded in with the regular sets. I would like to see more variety in the players featured in each set, not 100 cards of Derek Jeter or Albert Pujols. I would like to have seen cards of Dirk Hayhurst, Mike Ekstrom and Edgar Gonzalez. I have seen no cards of Hayhurst or Ekstrom and the only card of Edgar is in the Bowman Draft Picks cards.

So I guess in summing up, what I would like to see is more variety of players on cards that have no or little gloss. I realize that I didn't write very much but my wants are simple, More Padres.


Anonymous said...

I'm definitely on board with better player variety and less gloss. :)

RWH said...

Yankee Stadium Legacy? Psssh! How about Jack Murphy Stadium Legacy cards. I wouldn't be against a few extra Marvell Wynne and Carmelo Martinez cards in the collection.

Dave said...

Good call on Documentary. I agree with you about having more non-glossy cards for players to sign. I got a regular 2008 Bowman card signed at a minor league game this year and the autograph smeared off.