Friday, January 9, 2009

Steve Boros

Steve Boros was once ejected before the game began. One night while he was managing the Padres Bip Roberts was called out at the plate. He was safe as any one but the home plate umpire could see, the umpire had his back to the plate but turned around and called Bip out. Boros argued the play and was ejected. The next day as he went to bring the lineup card to the umpires he also had a videotape in his hand, when the previous night umpire saw the tape in Boros' hand and ejected him from the game.

Steve Boros played 7 seasons in the majors from 1957-1965 for Detroit, the White Sox and the Reds. He managed two teams and had hard acts to follow, he managed the A's in 1983 and 1984 following Billy Martin and the Padres in 1986 following in the footsteps of Dick Williams. He went 74-88 and only lasted that year, to be followed by the fiery Larry Bowa. I got the card from ebay.

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