Friday, August 16, 2019

Frankenset Update, August 16, 2019

#80, Roy Winston replaces Aaron Coonrod, basically because I like 1969 Topps Football.
#118, Walt Suggs replaces Oneilki Garcia for the same reason.
#232, Johnny Gilbert is a custom card I made and sent to him. It only two weeks to get back.  The same day I sent this I also sent customs to Alex Trebek, Mark Harmon and Reba McEntire. 
#322, Conrad Dobler replace Marvell Wynne because when you have the chance to include a player who was once considered the meanest player in football in your set, why not.
#468 Guy Morris, I needed something to fill a numbered spot.
#469 Charlie Hough, one of the oldest players to play.  He was 40 when this card came out in 1988 and would play another 6 years.
#470 Dave Dravecky, I can never have too many cards of the man by younger son is named for.
#471 Fred Dryer.  I remember Fred more for his acting, as the lead on Hunter and for a memorable turn as a Vietnam Vet on NCIS.
#472 Ken Rudolph, another number filler
#472 Ken McMullen, can't have too many cards from Night Owls favorite team in his favorite set.

The Frankenset page is updated.  


Fuji said...

You named your son after Dravecky? Very cool. I was just listening to a podcast about him and his injury last night. It's called This Week in Baseball History and it's episode 113.

Brett Alan said...

That Johnny Gilbert custom is awesome!