Sunday, August 18, 2019

a new card shop experience

Yesterday we went to Vancouver, Washington for my son and daughter anniversary party that was combined with a 2nd birthday for their daughter.  
Since there is a paucity of card shops on the east side of Portland I decided to stop at a card shop near my son's house.  I had been looking for some Heritage at every Fred Meyer and Target in town and had been unable to find any.  
I got to the store and looked at their pile of junk wax and picked up a box of Corvette cards for a friend and a box of Yo MTV Raps to see if I can make a set.  
I went to the counter and asked for some packs of Heritage high numbers.  The person behind the counter went over and got some packs out of the box.  I asked if I could pick my own packs and was told no.  He said they had too many pack searchers, so I told him he could watch me take the packs.  He said no card stores in Vancouver allow anyone to pick their own packs.  I bought my Corvette, MTV and Heritage cards and left.  I may go back to get some cool boxes or singles but I will not be buying any packs from them.  If they don't trust me I don't trust them.
What do you think?  Have you experienced this?


madding said...

It sounds like we've ramped back up to the early '90s hype/paranoia. It's too bad, I remember hearing a lot of rumors about certain shops that would reseal their packs (back when that was a possibility.)

Fuji said...

I understand where the card shop is coming from, but personally I think it's dumb that he wouldn't let you pick your own pack as long as they're watching to make sure you're not feeling each one up. Maybe the employee could lay the packs out on the counter and you could point to the ones you want. Regardless... I don't blame you for not wanting to spend your hard earned money on single packs from this shop anymore.