Thursday, August 22, 2019

Thursday Customs, 2014 Emeralds, Page 5, The End

Here are the final cards in the 2014 Eugene Emeralds set.  Also a look at the backs of these cards.  There is not a lot to say about players who are just getting started in the game.  All of these photos are ones I got off the internet. 
Chris Huffman, up to AAA last season but is missing this season after undergoing Tommy John surgery.
Zech Lemond, pitched in the Padres organization through 2017.  Spent 2018 in the Marlins organization.  Currently pitching for the Texas Airhogs.  I remember getting this card signed at a Hops game in 2014.
Danny Wissman, pitched in one game for the Ems in 2014 and didn't ever pitch again.  
Felipe Blanco, played through 2017 in the Padres organization.  In 2017 he was a player coach at Tri-City and this year he is the fielding coach at Lake Elsinore.
Joey Epperson, played one season on professional ball and is now an accountant at ADP here in Portland.
Edwin Moreno, the second player by that name in the Padres organization, he played through 2017.
Homer Bush, Homer was a player in the Padres organization before being traded to the Yankees.  He played in the majors for seven years.  A hip injury caused his retirement.  He coaches still and has written a book titled, "Hitting Low in the Zone, A New Baseball Paradigm" 

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Fuji said...

Once again... great job on this set! Are you going to send Wissman the card in hopes of getting it signed?