Thursday, August 29, 2019

Thursday customs, Tri City Dust Devils, Page 1

I thought I would do another custom minor league set this year.  My wife and I went down to Salem to see the Volcanoes play the Tri City Dust Devils.  I took my camera and took pictures, although the camera quit working part way through the first game.  So I either found pictures on the net or used headshots from the team's site.  As I usually do I made two copies of each card and one for each player to keep.  I made backs based on the 1970 back also.  Baseball reference now includes some college stats so I included those.  There is an example of the backs up top.
Jason Blanchard is a headshot from the team website. Jason Reynolds signed for me before a start against the Hillsboro Hops.  I gave him an autographed Neil DeGrasse Tyson card I had.  This is a picture I took in Salem when he was warming up before a game. Connor Lehmann started the first game we went to.  He was disappointed when I didn't have a card for him to keep.  I had forgotten several cards at home and had to bring them the next night.  Connor was pleased when I showed up with a copy of the card for him. Ethan Elliott, Deacon Medders and Matthew Acosta are all photos I took.  I almost used another photo I had of Deacon, it was in the upper 50's at the game and I was comfortable in my Hawaiian shirt, but Deacon had a scarf on, a hoody with the hood up and pulled tight cause he was cold.  He is from Alabama and he said he was cold.  Jack Stronach and Logan Driscoll were pictures I found on the web.  That is the only picture I could find of Jack.  Jonny Homza went to South Anchorage High School in Anchorage, Alaska.  We have a friend who teaches there, so we asked her if she knew him.  She never had him in class but remembered him.  We texted with her during the game and told Jonny and he remembered her also.  It was fun because he really brightened when we talked of his hometown.  
It will be interesting to see how far any of these guys get.  I think have four pages of cards.  I got 29 of 34 cards signed.  I took sixteen of the photos in the set. 

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Fuji said...

That's pretty cool that Jonny remembered your friend. I'm hoping one day I have a student who ends up becoming a professional athlete.