Tuesday, March 5, 2019

I have started putting together my autograph Frankenset.  These are numbers one, two and three.  These are the host of the morning on THE local country radio station here in Portland (as far as I am concerned).  Tony Russell has been at the station for a couple of years and is very funny.  He used to be a pastor and a psychotherapist (they are closely related) and now he is a morning show host and an insurance salesman.
 Jake Byron has been with the station for 14 years and has been on air for at least ten of them.  He is the common thread that has held the morning show together for many years.  They finally found the right chemistry with Tony, Jake and Jenn. Jake and I have shared book recommendations over the years and I have shared trivia with him the last couple of years for the station's $1,000 dollar minute trivia quiz.  

Jenn (make sure it has two n's)  is the newest member of the team.  She has been at the station just over a year.  She tries to ride herd on the two other guys.  

One of the cool things about the team is they seem real and like they really like each other.  They definitely make each other laugh.  They also make it easy to listen, they play good music and keep us up to date on the weather and traffic.   

I will blog about the Frankenset here and then on the Frankenset page post the cards as I blog about them in order so you can see the set as it grows.  

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Hackenbush said...

I'm a bit of a newsperson geek so I love the cards.