Thursday, March 28, 2019

Frankenset Update, pages 1-4

I am trying to figure the best way to present the Frankenset and how to update it when I update cards.  So I am going to present 4 pages at a time and once I get through it that way I will start filling in blanks.  So here are the first 4 pages, along with an explanation of each card (if I can think of one).
#1-3; Tony Russell, Jake Byron and Jenn Hayes are the morning show host on one of the local country stations.  
#4; Royce Ring, played here in Portland and for the Padres
#5; Jack Cust, played here in Portland and for the Padres
#6; Fernando Perez, came with a lot I bought
#8; Dave Dravecky, my youngest son is named for him
#9; Ted Levine, an actor I like
#11; Chris Jericho, a icon in sports entertainment
#12; Rodrigo Lopez, we kinda share a first name
#13;  Rashad Ross, came with a lot I bought
#14; Jesse Garcia, played for the Beavers and the Padres
#16; Warren Newson, a fan of Newt
#17; Cody Decker, who doesn't love Cody Decker
#18; Dolph Ziggler, a wrassler I like
#19; Tony Gwynn, Padres, Hall of Famer, 2nd Favorite player, nice guy
#20; John Kruk, Tony Gwynn's roomate, not an athlete, Padres
#21; Bentigo Santiago, long time major league player, Padres, ROY
#22; Pat Kelley, made a ballplayer sign my team ball to complete the ball after the player refused me.
#23; Mugsy Bogues, the little dude could play hoops
#26; Henry Winkler, AAAAh, The Fonz, 
#27; Jim Ross, Legendary Sports Entertainment Broadcaster
#28; Dirk Hayhurst, Author, Padres, got to talk books with him
#29; Ryan Klatt, came with the Hayhurst card
#30; Keith Gabel, Paralympic Snowboard Medalist, went to school with his Dad
#32; Marie Osmond, I have had a crush on her since 1976
#34; Greg Harris, one of two for the Padres, came in a lot
#36; Jerry "The King" Lawler; WWE Hall of Famer

The Frankenset Tab is updated each row is a page.

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Bulldog said...

Cool cards. Marie Osmond!