Monday, March 18, 2019

Frankenset card #12

On June 12, 1975 I graduated from South Eugene High School.  On June 24, 1975 I reported to Basic Training for the United States Navy.  On December 14, 1975 Rodrigo Lopez was born in Mexico.  That was a very cold winter for me.  I was stationed in Great Lakes, Illinois and had won a bet by shaving my head.  Word to the Wise, DO NOT shave your head in the dead of winter when you live less than one hundred feet from Lake Michigan.  I got to see Rodrigo pitch in 2000, when the Las Vegas Stars came to Portland and again in 2001 when the Portland Beavers were a Padres affiliate.  Since we kinda share a first name I have followed his career since then.  He seems to be retired from baseball since 2015.

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