Friday, December 28, 2018

Today's pack, ROCKCARDS

I picked up some cheap boxes from the 1990's before Christmas to give  myself.  One of them was ROCKCARDS from 1992.  It seems to be mostly hair bands from that time, although in this pack I noticed one older rockstar.  It is a 288 card set, with a art card and a contest entry card in each pack.  No chance of winning anything since the contest got over in 1992.  Onto the cards

The wrappers are holographic foil, so right away you know these are ROCKCARDS.

Each pack has a contest entry card, the card also includes an offer for a poster and something else, one is a dollar and the other is three fifty.  This art card looks like something that was album art for a band with some kind of devil angle in it.

 These were the bands I had heard of and a few that I listened to at the time (and one I still do).  Bon Jovi, Poison, Winger, Megadeth, Winger.  This pack also has an elder statesman of rock in it, it features Rick Wright of Pink Floyd fame.

These were the bands I had not heard of, but after reading on Wikipedia here is what I know.

  • Exodus, have been around since 1985 and last released an album in 2014.  They have been have multiple lineups and only have one member who has been on every album.
  • The Sisters of Mercy took their name from an cut on Leonard Cohen's first album.  They have been around since 1980 and last produced an album in 1990.
  • Testament has been around since 1983 and has shared a lead singer with Exodus.  They are a thrash metal band from Berkeley, California who are still making albums, with one released in 2016.
  • Junkyard formed in Los Angeles in 1987 and is still making music having released an album in 2017 and will be performing tomorrow, December 29, here in Portland. 

 This is the back of one of the individual cards.  Chris Gates is one of the members of Junkyard.

One thing I like about this set is it is giving me the chance to expand my musical horizons.  I will be exploring some new music in the coming months.

No duplicates so far, hopefully I will be able to make a complete set.


Fuji said...

Looked up the checklist to see what bands were in this product. I wasn't really into bands like Winger and Poison, but there are a few other bands I listened to in the product.

If you're interested, here's the checklist I found online:

Brett Alan said...

That is one weird checklist, not just the mix of bands, but the way some bands are scattered around the checklist, others come up all at once, and still others near each other but not consecutive.

Chris said...

Sisters of Mercy! Great card of a great band.

Bulldog said...

Love those cards. I have some commons from some time back. I'll definitely pick up the set at some time. Or who knows. Maybe I'll break a box or two. Fun stuff.