Saturday, December 22, 2018

Padrographs #1114 & #1115

I have been searching for cut autos of deceased Padres I need and then combining them with custom cards that I have made.  John Sipin from 1969 was the first one I did this with and recently I picked up a couple of more 1969 Padres.

#1114, Joe Niekro pitched in thirty seven games for the Padres in 1969.  He came to the Padres in a trade from the Cubs in April of 1969.  He spent the majority of the season with San Diego and after the season he was traded to the Tigers.  I bought a business card which Joe had signed and sandwiched it between a custom front and back that I made. 

#1115, Sonny Ruberto appeared at catcher in nineteen games for the Padres in 1969.  He had come to the Padres with John Sipin in a trade for Jerry DaVanon in May of 1969.  He hit .143 which must be while he spent 1970 in the Padres minor leagues before being traded to the Reds at the end of 1970.


Fuji said...

Never knew Niekro pitched for the Padres. Then again... it took place a few years before I was born.

zman40 said...

Those are awesome! Nice work