Friday, December 7, 2018

New Padrographs

 Francisco Mejia, #1112.  Francisco Mejia came to the Padres in a trade involving Brad Hand.  He is the Padres catcher of the future and one of the top prospects in the game.
Alexei Ramirez, #988.  I have had this for awhile but I had never featured the card on the blog.  This is a custom card from a few years ago that I mailed him, he signed it and sent it back.
John Sipin, #1113.  Sipin played in 68 games for the Padres in 1969 and eventually played nine seasons in Japan.  I have sent him multiple copies of the card and he has never responded.  I found a signed index card on ebay and made this card.  I learned a lesson that I need to glue around the hole also, along with the edges.


defgav said...

Very cool that you finally (kinda) got Mr. Sipin! Looks good.

Fuji said...

Lol. That Sipin custom is awesome!