Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trade Bait; 2011 Topps, Opening Day and Heritage

I have opened a bunch of Topps, Opening Day and Heritage from the LCS and the local Target.  Here are the inserts and such.  I am interested in trading for Padres variations and inserts.  I am especially interested in any Heath Bell variations and such.  If you see something you are interested in let me know.

The Jackie Robinson is a parallel to the Babe Ruth series.

Bucholz and Weeks are from the three packs at Target.

That's all for tonight.  Time to go to bed.  I will try and get the other 10 images tomorrow.  Good night and remember the Padres are undefeated.  Good Night, Artie Wilson.


night owl said...

I'm interested in the Robinson card. But I don't think I have any Padre insert items from 2011 products. I'll have to look.

hiflew said...

I am interested in the 2011 black Ubaldo Jimenez (and Halladay, Wainwright) and the diamond Aaron Cook. I have a 2009 black Will Venable and I'm sure I can find another decent Padre for you as well.

email me @

Anonymous said...

If you still have the diamond Gaby and EB Marlins would love to trade for those too