Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Giant and Old TTM

10 days was all the time it took to get this card back from the O-Dog.  I sent it to him care of the Padres.  I also sent him the card below with Jason Bartlett, hopefully now I can send it back to Jason and have him sign it also.  I would like to have both signatures on it. I had sent Orlando two copies of each card and told him he could keep a copy of each and keep the pen I sent him.  He signed all four cards and sent the pen back also. 

I haven't seen a card of my all time favorite Padre in awhile, so I decided to make my first Padrograph card of a non Padre.  Tim also took only ten days to sign the card and return it to me.  Tim signed both of the cards that I sent him. 
Last night I got the last ever call on our land line.  It was a friend saying that they had gotten some returned mail for me.  When I sent out letters asking for signatures I usually put a return address of one of our friends who has lived in the same place for many, many years.  We had moved since I sent this request out so it went to them.  It is a return address that I haven't used for about six years so this card took a long time coming back to me.  It is the second card I have gotten back in the mail. 


unclemoe said...

Rad O-Dog.


gcrl said...

alas, i am jealous as i will never have a dodger card signed by hudson. he refuses to sign dodger stuff, but is nice about it.