Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I can't come up with a punderful title for this post

This card doesn't actually exist but I sent it to Dirk anyway, we'll see if it comes back. Today I sent out cards to Padres who haven't had cards before. I sent to Dirk Hayhurst, now with the Blue Jays, this wonderful card produced by Travis over at Punk Rock Paint. I met Dirk last year when he was pitching for Portland, I provided him books to read and we shared some great conversations. I also sent a card to third base coach Glenn Hoffman, a card that I made from MLB headshots. Then I sent '08 and '09 cards to Edgar Gonzalez, Heath Bell, Chip Ambres, and Cha Seung Baek. I hope to get these back soon, and then in early March I will send to the minor leaguers, the guys in the Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects. My packages always include a letter, a SASE, a sharpie (for the player to keep) and extra cards for them to keep. I always buy extras and put them in a package with a note explaining that they are for them to keep.


fwbaseball said...

I bet it will come back. I hope he can get a chance with Toronto. Was almost irate when the released him to make room for Matt Bush but I now see that they had a plan all along.

fwbaseball said...

Also, as for a good title, how about "Non-Card for a Non-Prospect"?