Monday, February 16, 2009

Brian Burgamy

Brian Burgamy was drafted in the 9th round of the 2002 draft by the Padres. He played 4 season with the Padres minor league teams getting as high as AA Mobile, then he went to the Phillies organization for two years. In 2008 he was signed by the Mets off the roster of the independent Newark Bears and sent to St. Lucie. I remember finding this card on ebay and saying who is this? but getting the card because it is a player pictured in a Padres uniform.


Anonymous said...

I saw him play last year with the Bears. He seemed like he had some real talent, so I was surprised that he took an A-ball offer at age 27.

He didn't play very much for St. Lucie, so I wonder if he got hurt.

fwbaseball said...

Wow. Burgamy has one of those names I can clearly remember being said on the PA system in Fort Wayne. "Briaaaan Bur-GAMEEE!"

jamiestewart02 said...

Brian is an amazing player to watch. He was injuried when he was first traded to St. Lucie so he missed most of the season. I'm excited to see him this year and what and where he will go. I know it will be great!!!