Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Padrograph #1016

Padrograph #1016 is Jon Matthews, who is new to the Padres this year.  He will specialize in training the outfielders.  He comes from the Diamondbacks where was a minor league hitting coach.  He also was a coach at Indian Hills Community College in Centerville, Iowa where he also taught economics.  I sent this to him at Spring Training and it took about a week and a half.  The post office takes the mail to San Diego and then I guess the team takes it to Peoria.   I also sent cards to Coaches Johnny Washington and Alan Zinter and players Jered Weaver, Trevor Cahill and Michael Kelly.  So far I have a 16% return rate on this batch.  I will send some of the actual Heritage cards once all the rosters are set.

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