Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Breakfast with the Boys

One of the volunteers at the book store  I manage is also a waitress at a local restaurant, McMenamins Tavern and Pool.  She told me there was a group of gentleman who had breakfast together on the third Wednesday of each month.  She asked if I could come and have breakfast with them sometimes and they said yes.  These are men in their 70's and 80's who grew up together in NW Portland, near Vaughn Street, where the Portland Beavers first played.  One of the men is Dick Benevento, son of Rocky Benevento.  Rocky was the longtime groundskeeper for the Beavers.  I sat this past Wednesday with Vince Paveskovic, you may have heard of his brother, Johnny Pesky.  Breakfast was just a couple of days after Harmon Killebrew passed away and Vince told a story about Johnny and Harmon.  It was advice Harmon gave Johnny when they were both with the Senators, keep your head down and be good to the people.  I am looking forward to joining the guys for more breakfast and stories. 

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Carl Crawford Cards said...

That's incredible! Very cool. Looking forward to more stories!