Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Customs page 23

I see one name that I think some people will recognize.  How did you do today?


Brett Alan said...

I definitely remember Phil Roof as a catcher with the Twins when I was a kid. That's about it...the name "Nate Oliver" sounded familiar, but he was out of baseball when I was quite young. Maybe I've seen a card of him along the way but more likely I'm just thinking it reminds me of Nate Colbert and Al Oliver!

night owl said...

Dodger fans know Nate Oliver. He appears with them in '60s sets.

Phil Roof is an easy one, too. That's about it.

Fuji said...

I didn't recognize any of these guys, but I looked up Phil Roof and Nate Oliver on COMC and instantly recognized the 1968 Topps card of Roof, because I own it. But that's only because I cheated.

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Jon said...

I got Roof, that's it.