Friday, June 12, 2020

customs page 19

This page has people I know and have met. As we are closing the bookstore we have a poster that is from the very first day of the first Wordstock book festival.  Larry is the founder of the event and I asked him if he wanted it. The poster is signed by all of the authors present that day.  Ursula K. LeGuinn was the most well known author on it.  Larry came by the bookstore on his way to Seattle.  Frank Peters used to have a restaurant downtown near the courthouse.  A lawyer took I and friend there after we were witnesses for his client.  I see Frank at many Portland Mavericks events.  If you have watched the Battered Bastards of Baseball on Netflix you have seen him. I have tried to get Rick Lancelotti to sign his custom through the mail multiple times.   How is your recognition score today?

Check out the contest over at Chavez Ravining.  A cool post and some cool stories in the comments.


night owl said...

I've come across Rick Lancelotti somewhere. He has a ton of minor league cards although none of them look familiar.

That Mavericks card is cool.

Brett Alan said...

I said yesterday all I had was some names sounding vaguely familiar. Today I don't even have that!

Fuji said...

I recognize the Mavericks... and thanks for inspiring me to watch Battered Bastards of Baseball. That was a great film.

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